Immerse yourself in the canoe world, a world of good, beautiful and conscious! From production to your home.

Living the joy of tanned skin, without harming the planet.

We cannot ignore that the fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world, behind only the oil industry. Knowing the impact, we dive into the ecological and sustainable world, where every detail is thought to minimize the environmental impact, using only biodegradable raw material.

Conventional bikinis break down over 300 years or 12 generations.

Most likely you've already been outraged by trash on trails and beachside... welcome to the club! With that in mind, the entire Canoê production process is free of trimmings, metal parts and toxic fabrics so that a Canoê, if thrown into nature, never pollutes the environment.

Also read about how our disposal works.

If discarded in nature, your Canoê product decomposes within 3 years.

100% of the products are produced with Amni Soul Eco ® biodegradable yarn and protection against UVA and UVB rays. In addition to the Oeko-Tex® Class I and II certificate, which tests the absence of toxic products in the fabric. During manufacturing, all water is reused, without wasting drinking water.

All this without interfering with the comfort and durability of Canoê products.