Our world

Paddling towards a world of good, beautiful and conscious!


The fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world, losing to the oil industry. Aware of the impact, 100% of our products are biodegradable and produced with the lowest environmental impact technology available so far.

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To create a positive work culture, we pay constant attention to the well-being of our female employees. We care about having access to the production team, always following your needs and satisfaction.

Good moments

Our goal is that each product brings happiness, freedom and provides incredible moments. May the path from production to your home be conscious, and respectful.


Canoê emerged with the intention of uniting the love of nature with comfort on sunny days. After studying several possibilities, Canoê developed a very high quality bikini, generating the least possible impact on the environment.

We both grew up in Ilhabela, on the north coast of São Paulo. From an early age, we had the privilege of having nature present in our daily lives. In all our adventures around the island and around the world, many bikinis accompanied us during this trajectory. So we thought of uniting the joy of tanned skin, without losing our essence, care for nature, the one that has allowed us so many unforgettable experiences.

We believe that our trajectory is built from our development, and for that, rethinking our habits, how we are inserted in the environment, knowing ourselves and doing this respecting the circumstances and time of each one of us is fundamental. Thus, little by little we acquire more environmental responsibility, we make more conscious choices, and we treat the world with more care and respect! Come be part of the Canoê world!