Our mission:

Paddling towards a world of good, beautiful and conscious.


Quinto elemento

Com cores que trazem todo calor do verão, e o conforto de dias prazerosos presente em cada modelagem.

Nossa missão:

Remar em direção a um mundo do bem, bonito e consciente.

Beach Departures

Where fashion meets respect for the environment.

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The simple nothing basic.

Sustainability at the forefront.

Our production is focused on reducing waste, so we make the most of all materials, in addition to opting for those with a lower impact, biodegradable and kind to nature. Welcome to our world!



Your power is to be who you are!

Style that cares for the planet.

Canoê emerged with the intention of uniting the love of nature with comfort on sunny days. After studying several possibilities, Canoê developed a very high quality bikini, generating the least possible impact on the environment.

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Ilhabela-SP, Brazil

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